In 2017, Drea became the proud mother of a baby girl. She took a hiatus from writing to spend time with her family, but will soon return to author events and writing.  

In the mean time, BHC Press picked up Damara's debut novel, The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane, and plan to launch a re-release of the hit that began the Blinney Lane series on 9/20/18.

New chapter: 




- 24 June, 11 am - 1 pm, August Hill Winery, Utica, IL

- more to be announced

Drea is a native resident of Illinois, where she currently resides.  She spent much of her youth there traversing the woods on her family's farm or working in the fields.  She began writing poetry at a young age and saw her first work published at the age of nineteen.  Damara put writing aside to join the military and later government work, during which she spent time in the Middle East and Europe.  Her childhood and world experiences contributed to the creation of The Blinney Lane series and The Trininty Mission series.      



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