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Nominated for a 2016 RONE Award in Best Fantasy

The Weeping Books Of Blinney Lane -

A Blinney Lane Novel (Book 1)

“Weeping Books” holds the rare ability to reach widely outside of its genre: young adults, mystery readers, and those who love novels about antiques and bookstores will find it equally compelling and inviting...
                                                                                                                                                                    —Midwest Book Review

Drea Damara introduces the fantasy world of Farwin Wood, used for centuries by the Allister family as an escape from their curse, through flashbacks of the last summer Sarah and her older brother Richard spent there. A series of tragic events left Sarah and Richard swearing never to return, but Ricky makes a mistake that forces Sarah back. The story unfolds in segments, leaving the reader of the edge of their seat, waiting to find out what happened on that fateful summer while also waiting anxiously to discover what will happen in the real world. The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane is a fantastical adventure encompassing witch craft, alternate worlds, romance, family, and honor full of rich characters and worlds. Suitable for young adults.
                                                                                                                                                   — The San Francisco Book Review


You may never look at a book the same way again...

Sarah Allister just wants a normal life running her bookshop and daydreaming about Henry, the handsome deliveryman—in spite of the three-hundred-year curse that rules her existence, along with the other shop owners on Blinney Lane, a niche shopping district in historical Salem.

Although unusual phenomenon occurs daily in her shop, contentment seems within reach—until her brother sends his spirited, teenage son, Ricky, to spend the summer with her. Now Sarah must keep Ricky from discovering the curse of Blinney Lane and awakening its full power. 

Will Ricky heed Sarah’s warnings...or accidentally awaken the weeping books of Blinney Lane, sending Sarah on a journey to a land filled with people she swore to forget?

Get ready for a modern fantasy tale that will sweep you away to lands beyond your imagination.

The Weeping Books Of Blinney Lane

And the anticipated sequel 

Beyond Farwin Wood -

A Blinney Lane Novel (Book 2)

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Beyond Farwin Wood by Drea Damara

Beyond Farwin Wood

by Drea Damara

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Anything Can Happen on Blinney Lane 

Agatha Blinney’s curse is unleashed when Franci Doltman dresses up as her favorite movie star. Now the storeowners on Blinney Lane must rally together to save Franci before the possession claims her forever.

Valerie Millville is tired of her controlling mother, disappointing men, and being misunderstood. Determined to escape her life on Blinney Lane, she and troublemaker Ricky Allister volunteer to find a cure by venturing inside one of the cursed weeping books.

From mythical lands to peculiar allies to other worldly creatures, Valerie learns not all stories are written in stone—or even in one dimension. Can she and Ricky save Franci in time or will their friend become another casualty of the curse that binds Blinney Lane? Will Farwin Wood show them secrets undiscovered or are mysteries merely in the eye of the beholder? Get ready for an adventure that will transport you into the pages of a fantasy world beyond reality.

Drea Damara outdid herself, doing the almost impossible and improving on an already powerful story. The hero and heroine, Lord Ranthrop and Valerie make the story a page-turner. Their chemistry is off the literary charts.

Damara’s world-building (a lost art) is on point as she goes deeper into the weeping books beyond Farwin Wood into the mysterious land of Terradoon where they must confront the Tunnel of Whispers. Damara doesn’t just tell but uses great imagery by the way of senses to give a look, smell, and feel of our unique and different surroundings. We meet new fantastical creatures like odd-looking hockenstotts, dragon-like skithers, and ferocious sea monsters known simply as Fonskas. Damara understands story arc to the T and ups the ante at every turn.

                                             - John Winston, author of The IA series